Fully automated labeling line
Technical Specifications

- Labeling system up to 3 labels
- Output rate : from 900 to 2500 b/h
- Touchscreen with visualization of different functions
- Rotatable touchscreen 
- Memory recall of positions 
- The bottle is held by four rolls during the labeling process
- Individual adjustment of the height of the labeling stations
- Stepping motor, synchronization of speed
- Input conveyor system and output table integrated
- Bottle diameter : from 55 mm to 115 mm
- Max. label height : 145 mm (200 mm on request)



Optional Features

- Back labeling station
- Front-label and back-label on the same roll
- Neck labeling station or medallion station
- Cap dispenser
- Heat shrink encapsulation system
- Spinner encapsulating system
- Conical bottles can also be labeled
- Orientation systems : notch, color spot or UV spot, label already on the bottle, serigraphy
- Dry embossing printer 
- Hot stamping printer or inkjet printer
- Rotary output table


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