Glycol Chiller
The ready-to-run water stainless steel chillers from the series MCK have a cooling system in the upper part, a pump and an insulated stainless steel water tank in the lower part. The unit is conveniently constructed from a frame with removable side panels – all in stainless steel. The MCK chillers are equipped with an electric heater.

- Reliable control over fermentation
and storage temperatures.
- Cooling water temperature from
approx. -10° to +40°C
- Maximal ambient temperature 32°C
- Integrated heater 
- Insulated water tank
- Integrated pump




FermFlex-Box - Fermentation Controller 

Features Include:
  - Stainless construction
  - Control tanks from a central location
  - Double display with set temp and measured temp
  - Any tank can be adjusted from one place
  - Control any amount of tanks
  - Temperature cables, sensors, and wires available 



Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchaner 

Tubular heat exchangers can cool & heat mash, wine and must!
   Featuring all stainless construction for ease of maintence
Let us know your cooling needs and we can build a system for you:
  - How many liters per hour will you be cooling? 
  - What temperature do you need to cool down to?
  - What medium will you be cooling?
  - Please answer the questions for heating and cooling applications





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