EURO System Bottling Line      

EURO System XP9C10PP Bottling Line
Fully automated bottling line. Automatic monoblock rinsing, filling, and corking.

€ 50.500
Technical Specifications

- Automatic monoblock rinsing/filling/corking bartop cork corks 9/10/1 for distillates
- Throughput 1500 liters ph max with filling valves ø 15 mm
- Max. throughput bph 1500
- Clockwise rotation
- Electrical tension: 3-phase 380:415/24 V - 50 hz
- Section of the conveyer belt: 120x100
- Acetal resin chain
- Height of the chain level/working level: 1000 mm +/- 50 mm
- 9 pincer
- Fixed nozzle
- No bottle, no spray
- Liquid distributor equipped with blocking device in case of missing bottles
- Adjustment of the rinsing and dripping times
- Rinsing liquid pressure regulator
- Bottle overturning with TWIST system
- Bottle inlet by means of a screw equipped with an automatic device stopping
the machine in case of malfunction
- 10 valve
- Gravity system
- Tank height adjustment device when carrying out the format change
- Power transmission through gears
- Bottle inlet by means of a screw
- Inlet and outlet star-wheels with safety devices
- Liquid feed pipe with pneumatic ball valve in stainless steel AISI 304 for the
control of the liquid flow in the container
- Control of the liquid in the tank by means of probes or level relays
- Outlet of the feeding pump controlled from the control board
- Valves easy to demount for cleaning and maintenance
- Tank with rounded bottom for the total discharge of the liquid
- Ball valve for the total discharge of the liquid contained in the tank
Max bottle dimensions
- ø 150 mm for cylindrical bottle .
- Diagonal 100 mm for square bottle
- Single head corker for bartop cork model ALEXA PP
- 1 closing head
- Vibrating capsules feeder
- Pick & Place distribution system
- Device for height adjustment while carrying out the format change




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